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March 12th, 2008:

Zhou’s 2008 season tees off at 8:40 am tomorrow!

zhouswedding.jpgWow. That off-season went by quickly. But so much has changed in Zhou’s life since the 2007 China Tour campaign came to an end in October. He got married in November (we hope to post more photos soon). He and wife Liu Yan are expecting a child (a boy!) in April. And they now own a brand new apartment in Chongqing (so brand new, in fact, that there’s no hot water and the painting is not complete). It will be interesting to see if Zhou can keep his mind on golf.

We will find out soon enough. The 2008 China Tour season opener begins Thursday at Dragon Lake Golf Club in Guangzhou. Zhou tees of at 8:40 am and is paired with 吕文旭 (LV Wenxu), of Anhui Prrovince, and 许孟男 (Hsu Mongnan), of Taiwan (read more about the China Tour welcoming more foreign players here).

You may recall that Dragon Lake was the site of Zhou’s best finish in 2007, 8th place. And you may also recall that Zhou managed the top-10 finish despite an opening-round 80. He followed with rounds of 72, 70 and 69.

We will post the link for online live scoring tomorrow morning (we don’t know what it will be yet).

Thanks for following Zhou in 2008. And thanks for supporting Chinese golf!




你可能还记得九龙湖是去年周取得最好成绩第八名的地方,当时周是在首轮打出80杆的不利开局下最终以前十名完赛,他最后三轮的成绩分别是7270 69