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Zhou Xunshu featured on CNN

It’s already been a banner year for Zhou Xunshu. He earned the best finish of his career in May, placing second at the Handa Cup at Beijing Jinhua Golf Club. And shortly after that he was rewarded with a sponsorship from Sun Kingdom Golf Club, the top club in Chongqing. Now, he can also say he’s been featured on CNN.

Last month, Zhou featured prominently in a CNN feature on Chongqing entitled “Chicago on the Yangtze.” You can find both the TV clip and the accompanying web story here.

Here’s how Steven Jiang’s story begins:

Chongqing, China (CNN) — Zhou Xunshu and Yan Qi both grew up in the mountains in southwestern China, but today their hometowns are worlds apart.

Zhou’s home village in a remote corner of Guizhou province remains impoverished.

“Every time I go back, I feel saddened,” said the 37-year-old professional golfer. “It was poor and it’s getting poorer.”

Read the whole story here.

A second part of the story should air soon. Stay tuned for details.

Zhou Xunshu featured on NBC Nightly News

Popular American television news program NBC Nightly News recently posted online two pieces on golf in China that feature interviews with Zhou Xunshu. The two NBC clips were influenced by Dan Washburn’s series of ESPN.com stories on golf in China:

美国知名的电视新闻节目NBC 晚间新闻最近在网上发布了两条关于中国高尔夫的新闻,其中以对周训书的采访为重心。这两条NBC的短片受到了丹在ESPN.com上发表的一系列的关于中国高尔夫的文章的启发。