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Zhou keeps promise, breaks curse, makes cut

zhouxunshu_friday_nanjing09Zhou Xunshu is a man of his word. Thursday night, after a woeful opening round 80, Zhou predicted he’d shoot a 70 on Friday and live to play on the weekend.

And that is just what he did. A motivated Zhou rallied for five birdies and registered the sixth best round of the dark and windy day at Zhongshan International Golf Club in Nanjing. The 2-under-par performance vaulted Zhou from 109th place to 33rd on the leaderboard for the second stop on the 2009 Omega China Tour.

“I am happy, very happy,” Zhou beamed after the round. “My wife is happy for me, too. Today I was totally relaxed and I know for this course I can hit 72 no problem.”

Zhou’s second to last hole, No. 8, was perhaps the most satisfying. On Thursday, Zhou registered a quadruple bogey on the 227-yard par 3. It took him four strokes to get his ball out of a bunker. On Friday, Zhou landed his tee shot on the fringe 20 feet to the right of the pin. His cap turned backwards because of the darkness, Zhou used his putter on his second shot. The ball hit the pin and, as Zhou’s caddie Zheng Yunlong yelled “Get in the hole!” in English, it disappeared into the cup for a birdie.

Zhou pumped his fist and greeted Zheng with a fist bump.

“I cursed that hole,” Zhou said. “And I finally got my revenge.”

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周训书今天的倒数第二洞,也是第八洞,可能是最令人满意的了.星期四,周在这个227码标准杆3杆的洞打出了高于标准杆四杆的成绩,他用了四杆把球打出沙坑.星期五的比赛,周训书开球落在了旗杆右边大概20码的地方.天色渐渐暗了,周训书把帽子反着戴了,第二杆他用了推杆.球撞上了旗杆,伴随着周训书的球童郑云龙用英文喊出”Get in the hole!”,球落入洞中,小鸟球!


“我骂了那个洞,” 周训书说,”我终于报仇了.”


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