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March, 2008:

Zhou in Xiamen top 10; follow him live today


Zhou Xunshu fired a 2-under-par 68 on Friday to enter the weekend at even par and tied for seventh place in the Omega China Tour’s Dell Championship in Xiamen (story). On Saturday, he got off to a rough start with a bogey and double bogey on the first two holes. But he then settled down, adding two birdies to get back into the top 10. Follow the live scoring here.

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星期五的比赛中,周训书打出了68杆低于标准杆两杆的成绩,目前以标准杆,并列第七名的成绩进入在厦门东方高尔夫球场举办的欧米茄中巡赛戴尔锦标赛周末的比赛(详情)。 在星期六的比赛中,他的开局十分不利,在前两洞打出了一个柏忌和一个双柏忌.然后他很快恢复状态,打出了两个小鸟球,挤进前十.点击这里关注实时比分.


Zhou in the mix in Xiamen

In a day when low scores dominated play on the Omega China Tour, Zhou Xunshu stumbled late and ended up in a 13-way tie for 17th place in the opening round of the US$100,000 Dell Championship in Xiamen. Sitting pretty at 1-under with four holes to go, Zhou finished with three bogeys and a par to end up with a 2-over 72 on the short par-70 course.

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Zhou tees off at noon today.

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中巡赛今天的比赛中,选手的成绩普遍不理想,周训书在 比赛后段发挥不理想,最终在总奖金为10万美金的厦门戴尔锦标赛首轮中与12名选手并列第十七名.周训书在14洞之后的成绩是低于标准杆一杆,但在最后四洞中打出了3个柏忌和一个标准杆,最终以72杆高于标准杆两杆的成绩结束比赛,这是一个标准杆为70杆的短球场.